General Hospital of Thessaloniki



The General Hospital "G. Papanikolaou" is a public entity, incorporated in the NHS belongs to the 3rd Y.P.E. Central Macedonia. It consists of the interconnected Hospital Units "G.PAPANIKOLAOU" and "Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki" and is one of the largest hospitals in Greece, power 1300 organic beds, covering almost all the pathological and surgical specialties of medicine and psychiatry. The legal form and institutional hospital operating framework governed, according to No. Y4a / oik.123893 / 31.12.12 Ministerial decision published in the Official Gazette 3515 / 31.12.12, which is the Hospital Agency. Place of the head of the hospital service is the area Countryside, municipality Pylaia-Chortiatis, of Thessaloniki. The hospital is located and operates in golf area 433.753 m2, scattered in 26 buildings, with cover 25,500 m2, and construction of 61.556 m2. The road network of the hospital is 3 km, and sidewalks 6km.             

Projects involved as partner

1) Quality Health

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