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Republic of North Macedonia

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The Municipality of Resen is located in the Prespa Basin, in the southwestern most part of the country, covering an area of 739km². Out of which, 562km² are on land, while 177km² are on water (Lake Prespa). It is a separate geographical area, which is located around the point of latitude 41°N and longitude 21°E.
The Municipality of Resen borders with the municipalities of Ohrid, Bitola, and Demir Hisar. There are 44 toponyms of settlements here, out of which 43 are rural (39 active and 4 inactive/abandoned) and one urban settlement – the city of Resen.
According to the census from 2002, in the Municipality of Resen there live 16.825 inhabitants, out of which 50,3% are female and 49,7% are male. This population is distributed within 4.847 households and 8.215 homes, that implies an average of 3,5 persons per household, and an average population density of only 23 people per 1km². 
Rich and long regional history has resulted in immense cultural heritage in the whole Prespa region. Material and intangible cultural heritage and the traditions, specific customs and common festivities characterise the area. This is a place where frescoes from the pre renaissance period can be found and a place where modern artistic expression can be experienced.
The economy in the region has a long tradition and relies on agriculture, with special focus on apple production, and tourism.
A combination of diverse types of land in the Prespa region provides for the growth of various plants and animals, and a whole series of products made from the region’s agricultural raw material. Orchards take the biggest part of the area in the area of Resen. The main agriculture activity is apple growing. Prespa apples from the Prespa Valley are a well-known brand around the whole Balkans.
Tourism is one of the main economy drivers and a growing industry in the Prespa cross-border area. Rich natural resources as well historical and cultural heritage have contributed to the development of tourism.
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