Municipality of Florina



Municipality of Florina (Local Authority), which has acquired its current form and size since 2011 with the implementation of the “KALLIKRATIS” law, is consisted of four former Municipalities (Kato Kleinon, Melitis, Perasmatos and Florinas) and its total population is 32.881 inhabitants.
Due to its geographical location, at it’s being bordered by the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Albania, it seeks to develop the region by actively participating in various European and cross-border programs.
Through the European Programs, it has undergone reconstructions of roads and buildings, energy upgrades, better services of the residents and visitors of the Municipality, as well as the re-opening of recreation and sports facilities.
The projects that has implemented through the INTERREG cross-border program so far is Zoo Innovativa and the ENERGYNET-Sustainable Energy Thematic Network of cross-border Local Authorities, which are completed, and in year 2018 for the first time it participates in the cross-border program Greece-Albania.

Projects involved as partner



3) Green Inter-e-Mobility

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