Municipality of Amynteo



The Municipality of Amyntaio belongs to the Region of Western Macedonia. Its area amounts to 589 km2 with a population of 16,973 inhabitants.
The area of Amyntaio is one of the richest areas concerning the natural environment, as it’s boundaries are four important lakes: Cheimaditida, Zazari, Petron and Vegoritida. Moreover, within the Amyntaio basin lay four “Natura 2000” sites (2 SPAs and 2 SCIs), where a numerous habitat types and species of the Birds and Habitats Directives nest. One of the most important and crucial is the habitat of the brown bear, with a population of 350-400 in the whole of Greece. The Municipality of Amyntaio is majorly responsible for the conservation and sustainable management of these sites. As far as the economy of the area is concerned, agriculture is a major and vital sector including a wide variety of farming activities, such as cultivation of cereals and grain with emphasis in the famous viniculture production. Apart from an environment with rich aquatic resources, the Municipality has a rich subsoil in minerals, such as bauxite and lignite. This fact has caused has a significant development of industrial activities such as energy production.
Furthermore, the Municipality of Amyntaio offers the opportunity of alternative tourism activities. The natural beauty of the four lakes with the rare ecosystems, the mountains combined with the traditional architecture of Nymphaio and the wineries of the area, offer a unique destination for visitors. In conclusion, the Municipality of Amyntaio is a place with invaluable environmental capacity that offers a high potential for a sustainable development.
In the field of European Co-Funded projects, the Municipality has participated in the following :
1. “Rural Web Energy Learning Network for Action – eReNet” : Intelligent Energy
2. "Decision Support System for Disaster Emergency Management - DECIDE" : IPA Cross Border Program Greece - The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2007-2013
3. Life - AMYBEAR

Projects involved as partner


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