Municipality of Novaci


Republic of North Macedonia

Novaci is a municipality in the southern part of the country. Novaci is also the name of the village where the municipal seat is found. Novaci Municipality is a part of the Pelagonia Statistical Region. Located in the municipality is the country's key energy company REK Bitola.
In terms of natural resources and the production of environmentally friendly food, the situation in the hilly part of the municipality is even more favorable. Namely, the Mariovo part of the Municipality is one of the ecologically cleanest regions, a region that has huge areas of pastures, forests, waters, diversity of animal and plant life as a prerequisite for the development of livestock breeding, beekeeping, herbivores and other facilities for production of ecologically healthy food. With its specific cultural, historical, geographical and natural features, this region provides excellent opportunities for the development of rural tourism, sports hunting and fishing, etc.
Demographics: According to the last national census from 2002, this municipality has 3,549 inhabitants.

Current projects
 „ Agrowaste supply chains for sustainable growth - aGROWchain “. (July  2018 – still). IPA II CBC CROSBORDER PROGRAMME Greece - The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Realized projects
„Peace and memory, culture and cultural heritage for building a European dialogue“, (May 2017- April 2018).
„Valorization of the cultural heritage of the First World War”, ALDA European Association for Local Democrac, 2016
„Living history - Living nature 1 and 2” ,  IPA CBC CROSBORDER PROGRAMME GREECE- THE FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA 2007-2013, (2013-2015).
„Youth 4 L@B” Erasmus Plus, 2015.
The project for expansion of small businesses, the LEADER approach in the Pelagonia region and the formation of Local Action Groups.
„Raising awareness of the cultural heritage in the municipality of Novaci“ , EU Delegation.
„Knowledge transfer for district heating of Bitola and Novaci - TELETREM “ , IPA CBC CROSBORDER PROGRAMME GREECE- THE FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA 2007-2013, (2011 -2012).
„For competitiveness in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia “,USAID (2012).
„Decentralized cooperation between the Lower Normandy region and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia "for the revival of alternative and memorial tourism in Mariovo and protection of the cultural and historical heritage, (2010)
Twinning Project - between 4 municipalities: Novaci,Kufalia R. Greece, Pustec, R.Albania and Borovan R.Bulgaria, EU, (2009-2010)
Communal enterprise Pella Hygiene of Novaci and Mogila, Swiss Embassy.

Projects involved as partner

1) aGROWchain


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