Engineering Institution


Republic of North Macedonia

The initiative for constituting an Engineering Institution (EI) was born immediately after the liberation after the Second World War. The Association of Engineers and Technicians was founded in May 1945
The organizational structure of the Association of Engineers and Technicians  at that time was the following:
• Local subsidiaries - as basic units, and
• Professional sections for specific vocational questions which in 1951 become republic professional associations of engineers and technicians.
In 1960 the republic professional associations of engineers and technicians became republic professional confederations of engineers and technicians. The name of the association changed again in 1995 when it became Institution of engineering scientific associations and organizations and this name lasted until 1999 when it changed into Engineering Institution 
Today the Institution consists of 16 participants: with different engineering subjects from 1). Association of Traffic Engineers, till to 15) Association for Information and Communication Technologies ICT-ACT

Projects involved as partner


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