Call for tenders in COuNT project

Jun 17, 2022

Municipality of Veles is launching a tender procedure for Construction of  the right side of riverbank of Vardar River in the central area of Veles city and Construction and installation of 2 shops/kiosks on the reconstructed riverbank, Republic of North Macedonia with Ref. № CN-2- SO1.3 – SC056/TD 02. The tender procedure is under the implementation of project “Creative Opportunities in Tourism” CN-2- SO1.3 – SC056. The tender dossier is available for inspection at Municipality of Veles, str. Pancho Brashnar no.1, 1400 Veles, Vardar Planning Region, Republic of North Macedonia and published on following websites:;;
The deadline for submission of tender is 22.08.2022, 16:00 (local time).
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