2nd Call: Important announcement

May 21, 2020

Dear applicants,
Since the 2nd Call submission deadline is fast approaching, please take into account the technical limitations (complexity, network data transfer speed, system overload) of submitting your proposals via the MIS.

Given the above, also take into account that several administrative requirements need to have been finalized before you can begin your submission process; for example, the acquisition of MIS Body Code and User name access password are administrative procedures which can take up to two (2) working days, at this specific point in time. Most importantly, an MIS Body Code request does not establish the a priori right to participate in the 2nd Call, unless a complete application form is submitted before the deadline.

We strongly recommend you set aside enough time for this process.

It is the submitter’s responsibility to successfully complete the application process before a peak period arrives in MIS. The Managing Authority/ Joint Secretariat cannot accept project proposals which fail to meet the 2nd Call deadline, ie.  May 29, 2020 24:00 hours, Greek time.
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