Green shredders for green waste in LESS WASTE II & SYMBIOSIS projects

Sep 11, 2019

On September 5th, 2019 two shredders of green waste were purchased in order to cover the needs of  “Less Waste II” and “Symbiosis” projects.

Green Shredder is a machine that will be used for chipping branches, vegetable residues, etc. in order to reduce their volume. The engine will be towed and mounted on a new, single-axle wheel frame.

The shredder will be mobile in order to cover the needs of the municipalities Amyntaio, Prespes & Florina. It will be parked in the Transfer Station of Florina and will be transported, when maintaining of green waste are carried out (at parks, Squares etc), so as to reduce the volume of green waste that will be transferred to the station.

Here you can see a short video of using the Green Shredder
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