Online cross-border event in iCBA project

Dec 09, 2020   Online

Alexander Innovation Zone SA and the University of Information Science and Technology (UIST) (based in Ohrid) invite you to an online cross-border event entitled:

"Initiative to create and support start-ups in the cross-border area"

The event will take place on Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at 11:00 in the framework of the project "Intelligent Cross-Border Accelerator for Innovative ICT-enabled start-ups" / INTERREG IPA CBC PROGRAM "Greece - Republic of North Macedonia 2014 -2020 ” (

The cross-border area has significant knowledge capital but limited ability to attract investment. The iCBA project aspires to contribute to improvements in this area, creating a Cross-Border Accelerator for start-ups covering the cross-border area. Accelerator actions include training actions and personalized support from some of the area's top experts. The first cycle of the accelerator will lead to the development of 15-20 elaborated investment ideas, which will be presented to investors and can lead to new businesses and new jobs.

The event will include:
(a) Presentations about the start-up creation climate in Greece and the Republic of North Macedonia
(b) Local stories from institutions regarding the start-up creation conditions in the Cross-Border Area

The event will be held in English. If you want to participate please inform us by e-mail (  so as to send you the event login link.
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