NI Institute and Museum Bitola


Republic of North Macedonia

NI “Institute and museum” – Bitola is a non-profit national institution which collects, researches, preserves and presents valuable and unique intangible and tangible multicultural heritage from Bitola and the region, from the Neolithic age to present days, and educates a wide variety of visitors, bringing them closer to the artifacts for a better understanding and respect of.

It has a jurisdiction in few regions, and/or several municipalities in the southwestern part of the country, such are Prespa, Pelagonija and the region of Demir Hisar.

Beside the main museum and administrative building, NI Institute and museum – Bitola has several other edifices such are: archeological site Heraclea Lyncestis, Cultural Center Magaza, art gallery Jeni Mosque, Memorial house of Stevan Naumov – Stiv, Memorial house od Goce Delchev, Memorial museum in Smilevo, memorial house of Tatarchev and ottoman building the so called Dzepane. 

The continuous period of existence of different cultures, their symbiosis, continuing prosperity and their diversity enables the presence of such diversity that could rarely be found somewhere else, and in such a small region. From over several thousands exponents (archaeological, ethnological, historic, art) only one part are exposed, but they all keep the civilization values of different epochs, that way creating the cultural and historic map of the region.

There are 54 employees in the institution, working in different departments.

In its’ long existence the institution has implemented a great number of projects in different fields connected to its’ main fields of work such as research, exhibition, conservation, intangible heritage etc.

It has also implemented a great number of bilateral, and multilateral projects during the past years, as well as EU projects within the different EU financed programs.

Projects involved as partner


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