National Centre for Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Learning Skopje

Address Dame Gruev 1/2-17 PC 1000 Skopje Dame Gruev 1/2-17 PC 1000 Skopje

Republic of North Macedonia

National centre for development of innovation and entrepreneurial learning (NCDIEL) was established in November 2009 with financial support for the period from 2009 to 2011 from the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) in the Republic of North Macedonia. NCDIEL is working closely with Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Business Start-up Centre (UKIM-BSC) ( that was also funded by ADC in April 2006.
NCDIEL is designed as a centre opened for innovative, technology-based and profit orientated ideas. It has a selection system that starts with on-line application of business ideas, followed by selection of the best 80-90 ideas, training in 13 modules on entrepreneurship and small business management topics, business plan competition and finally ending with at least 10 newly founded companies. The Centre activities continue with provision of seed capital for start-ups, counseling and coaching of the established companies, all in direction of strengthening the capacities of newly established companies to successfully sustain and grow in the market.
-   To become a key national actor in the processes of creation of a competitive knowledge-based and innovative economy.
NCDIEL Mission
-           Promotion, support and development of innovation and entrepreneurial learning, with the aim to decrease unemployment through creation of new innovative businesses and strengthening the SMEs sector in the Republic of Macedonia. This will be achieved through increasing the skills for innovation and technology know-how in the Macedonian economy.
NCDIEL aims to:
- Analyze and evaluate the current state in the area of innovations, entrepreneurship, technological development and competitiveness of enterprises and national economy,
- Stimulate development of new entrepreneurial culture to match the knowledge and innovation society,
- Encourage entrepreneurial learning at all levels of education, both formal and informal, in order to spread entrepreneurial spirit among the population,
-  Facilitate understanding of innovation as a way how our society changes and improves,
- Spread acceptation that innovation is the way we do business, the way we work, the options we choose as consumers and citizens,
-  Support conduction of feasibility studies and establishment of business start-up centres, incubators and technology parks,
- Provide start-up training and financial support for the most innovative business ideas and coach them to become profitable high-growth businesses,
-  Create/develop strategies for innovations, entrepreneurship and competitiveness at all levels (company, cluster, municipality, region, state, etc.),
- Provide soft landing services for foreign technology-based companies that want to invest in Macedonia (innovation related diligence, staffing support for engineers, local partner search, etc.)
-  Provide technical support to the SME policy makers.

Projects involved as partner

1) iCBA

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