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Technopolis Thessaloniki ICT Business Park is an initiative of  the most important Information and High Technology companies from all over Greece. This initiative was supported by the state and several public bodies and Research Institutions.

The company’s aim was the establishment of the first high technology Business Park in Greece and to resolve some of the problems of companies in the industry, such as housing needs. Also to create a grid of modern infrastructure and investment opportunities, which will be a development opportunity both for Thessaloniki and Northern Greece and also the country in general.

Technopolis Thessaloniki is the first High Technology Company Park of that size (100.000 square meters) in Greece which can accommodate new economy businesses and educational and research activities while it offers high quality working environment.
After the completion of the building infrastructures of the park in 2008, we founded the “ MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION  AUTHORITY OF TECHNOPOLIS THESSALONIKIS SA which is non profit and carries the name “ «MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY OF TECHNOPOLIS THESSALONIKIS»”. Shareholders in this operator are Technopolis Thessaloniki S.A., American Farm School  (A.F.S.)  and about 20 other important businesses or businessmen from the computer science industry.

 (member of Technopolis Thessaloniki ICT Business Park )

The Technopolis Thessaloniki Incubator is a vital part of the park with the primary goal of providing the necessary structures, support services and financial and investment tools to selected innovative businesses in order to ensure their success and viability in the market. The incubator’s mission is to find initiative business ideas and support their commercialization in a way that is beneficial for the company’s shareholders.
The Technopolis Thessaloniki Incubator focuses on the field of Computer Science and Communication Technologies and in similar fields and has a direct connection with the Park using its connections and social networks. The incubator offers the chance to develop and apply business ideas and technologies that it connects with Technopolis, while new companies that come to Technopolis Incubator can enjoy all the privileges associated with the contact and relationship with Technopolis.

The Incubator’s main goals are:
  • Supporting new companies from their foundation till their complete development
  • Be a reliable partner and mentor for companies that are established in the Incubator
  • Support scientists in creating viable business ventures
  • Bridge the gap between academic and business communities
  • Support innovation and production of innovative knowledge and expertise
  • Contribute in national and international networks and programs
The Technopolis Thessaloniki Business Incubator is located and operates in a modern building within the Technopolis Thessaloniki ICT Business Park with a total space of 1300 sq. m. including offices, common facilities and infrastructure for hosting 18 enterprises.

Projects involved as partner

1) IBiSEAit

2) iCBA

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