Foundation for Sustainable Economic Development Preda Plus


Republic of North Macedonia

Having its roots and experience in private sector development, Pelagonia-PREDA was recognized as a stabile partner of its funders, the nine Pelagonia region municipalities in their efforts for regional development and inter-municipal cooperation.

In 2010 the organization grew and transformed itself into new Foundation for Sustainable Economic Development – PREDA Plus. The aim was to provide continuity of a decade of investments in institutional and human capital development.

Moreover, in 2013 the gained unique experience in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia was offered in Kosovo through implementation of tourism project, TourTaste. In 2015, PREDA Plus Kosovo was established as a step towards our goal to contribute in development process of Western Balkan countries.

At the moment the Foundation for Sustainable Economic Development – PREDA Plus experiences rapid growth process in terms of team members, turnover, geographical outreach and international operations in both countries. PREDA PLUS is a promoter of sustainable economic development and social prosperity through facilitation of public, private and civil initiatives, on local/regional level in the Balkans.

Main tasks of PREDA Plus include:
- Promotion of good governance through strategic planning and implementation, respecting the principles of transparency and participation
- Professional project and grant management
- Distinctive models for Business Sector Development
- Organizational/institutional development
- Socio-economic development

Projects involved as partner


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