Chamber of Pella



The Pella Chamber was founded in 1981 by Presidential Decree 155/14-02-1981. In accordance with the law, it is administered by an elected 21-member Board of Directors and a 5-member Administrative Committee.
The Pella Chamber aims at protecting and developing Trade, Industry, Craft Industry, and the Professions of the region, within the framework of National Economy, as well as at promoting the economic growth of the region.
The most important services provided to the Chamber members, apart from the administrative ones, include the following:
- The Chamber submits to the State consultative reports and opinions, pertaining to trade, manufacture, and various professions. It participates in committees and bodies for the programming of infrastructure works. It promotes the development of export trade, manufacture, various professions, and generally the increase of production and productivity.

- It manages industrial areas and free trade zones, business centres, permanent exhibitions, exhibition spaces, etc.

- It establishes non-profit companies for the management of community funds, mainly, or revenues from other international organizations.
- It organizes conferences, seminars, and educational programmes.

- It provides to its members, and to every interested body, opinions and information on every issue of an economic nature.

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