Research and Development Society of Kilkis Chamber of Commerce and Industry



ETEAK was founded in June 1994, by the Chamber of Kilkis (Public Entity) and is operating towards the scope of the Chamber. ETEAK’s main stakeholder is the Chamber of Kilkis with 99%, while the Commercial Association of Kilkis is also participating with 1%.

ETEAK’s Board of Directors is composed of the five members of the Chamber’s Executive Committee and the President of the Commercial Association of Kilkis. After the elections of December 2017, ETEAK’s current Chairman is Mr. Pavlos Tonikidis.

ETEAK, since its foundation, works in close collaboration with the Chamber and is active in various fields, with two main objectives:
- to support members of the Chamber by informing and consulting on financial tools, manage projects, business, foreign markets and export procedures, product launch and development of their export activity.
- to support the Chamber in managing programs and projects implemented; organizing events and seminars, mediation and use of financial instruments.

ETEAK has extensive experience in the planning and implementation of European and National Projects such as (indicative list): IPRforSEE, INCLUDE, e-BEST, SYN-ENERGEIN for employment, CO-CREATE, BRENDA

Projects involved as partner


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