Youth Association FENIKS Novo Selo


Republic of North Macedonia

The Youth Association Feniks – Novo Selo is an association of citizens, formed by willing participation of citizens, to exercise, care and coordinate their interests and beliefs, and perform various actions and activities. The citizens join the Youth Association - Feniks - Novo Selo, for the purpose of achieving a wider social interest, which meets the needs of expert and other assistance. YA Feniks – Novo Selo, as a citizen association, will accomplish its goals, tasks and activities in accordance with the relations regulated by the Constitution of the country, through its Statute, as well as with the Statutes of other organizations or coalitions that will represent a national body that will work in the field of youth (in case of membership in a union or coalition), as well as with other legal norms that regulate matters in this field. YA Feniks - Novo Selo is organized and operates on the whole territory of the country.
The citizens are affiliated with YA FENIKS -Novo Selo for the purpose of achieving a wider common interest and specific goals and objectives such as:
- affirmation and activation of the young population towards better promotion of their interests;
- initiating youth participation in all spheres of human life;
- advocacy and protection of the rights of young people in general, regardless of their religious, national, gender, sexual or any other affiliation;
-promotion of democracy and human rights;
- preventive action to prevent deviant phenomena in the society as well as from addictive diseases;
- active work in the field of ecology and environmental protection;
- promotion of the country  beyond the borders and integration into European and world associations.

Projects involved as partner

1) HealthNET

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