JKP Proleter Resen


Republic of North Macedonia

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The Public Communal Enterprise “Proleter” – Resen is authorized by the Municipality of Resen for the following works:
- Water supply
- Maintenance of drainage and sewage network
- Purification of sewage water in water treatment plant
- Waste selection, loading, transport and unloading to landfill
- Sweeping, cleaning and maintenance of public areas
- Maintenance of parks and verdure
- Management with city green marketplace
- Management with city cemetery
- Management with composting plant

The enterprise has in total 87 permanent employees and 3 seasonal employees.
The enterprise owns the following mechanization:
- 5 special garbage lifting trucks
- 2 tractors
- 1 SUV
- 1 skip bin loader
- 2 light trucks
- 1 cistern
- 1 sewage cistern
- 2 backhoe excavators
- 1 mini excavator
The town of Resen and 19 villages are supplied with drinkable water covering in total 12500 citizens from 4909 water connections. Total length of the water supply network is 106 km.
The town of Resen and 5 villages are connected to sewage network, covering in total 9918 citizens from 3087 sewage connections. Total length of the sewage system is 45 km.
In the municipality of Resen in total 15799 citizens are covered with the waste collection service.
The composting plant has production capacity of approximately 1600 cubic meters of organic compost a year.

Projects involved as partner


2) SmartWaterSave

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