Municipal Enterprise of Edessa



The Municipal Enterprise of Edessa was founded in 1985 and during the first years it was exclusively concerned with the "Waterfalls" center and since 1993 it has been expanding and now deals with Tourism-Culture-Sports Local and Social Development by creating similar sectors and sub-actions. In 2009 it becomes a Municipal Welfare Corporation. Collaborated with the scientific potential of the region has given growth potential. Participation in European programs, the organization of conferences and the operation of a tourist information office are only a few of its latest activities, of course, for the development of the municipality of Edessa.

The aim of the company is to promote the exploitation of the region's wealth resources through its entrepreneurial activity, the high service of the citizens of Edessa and the visitors of the area. At the same time it contributes to the creation of new jobs through the continuous reinvestment of the company's profits in the region (promotion - advertising - public relations).

Projects involved as partner


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