Centre for Rural Development SEE


Republic of North Macedonia

E-mail contact@crd.org.mk
Centre for Rural Development – SEE is an organization that deals with issues related to rural development. The organization is situated in village of Brchevo, in the southwestern part of the country. CRD-SEE aims on utilizing an idea in order to develop projects that meet the requirements of the organization. The organization has 25 members and 15 local volunteers with different backgrounds, who are working on different local projects concerning youth, environment, culture etc.

The majority of the activities of Centre for Rural Development – SEE refer to the following areas of interest:
- Promotion of non-formal education through intercultural learning and international youth exchanges
- Promotion of rural tourism
- Cross border cooperation
- Multi-ethnic, multilingual, multicultural and multi-religious cooperation
- Promotion of culture and art.

Projects involved as partner


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