Hellenic Agricultural Organization DEMETER - Research Institute of Animal Science

Address http://www.rias.gr/


E-mail vkotsampasi.arig@nagref.gr
Research Institute of Animal Science (RIAS) is the Hellenic Agricultural Organization – Demeter’s unit to support the research in the area of livestock production science and is cited in a big farm of 348 hectares in Northern Greece, close to the city of Giannitsa and 45 km western from the city of Thessaloniki.
Its purpose is to produce high-quality research in all the individual aspects of animal science (nutrition, breeding, reproduction, biotechnology etc), with dozens of experiments planned and executed within its premises in the framework of more than 100 national and international research programs. The mission of RIAS is to develop research on animal science challenges, in order to evaluate innovative approaches for the improvement of animal production. Research activities of RIAS are based on farm animal nutrition, reproduction and genetic improvement, breeding systems and animal welfare. The mission of RIAS’ researchers is to inform and educate farmers on new farming methods and techniques, provide information on farm animals and the proper use and management of feed materials as well as on genetic material selection and breeding management. RIAS has a wide range of experimental infrastructures and equipment and at present it has the main body of purebred Pelagonia sheep existing in Greece that will play a crucial role in disposal of Pelagonia genetic material.

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