Association for a fight against stroke “STROKE” Ohrid


Republic of North Macedonia

The Association for a fight against stroke, STROKE Ohrid is first association of that kind in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,  active since 10.05 2014 is an association of citizens, in which they join because of their mutual interests connected with the illness stroke. It is the first FYROM association about stroke and is an apolitical, non-governmental, no party and no profitable organization. The work of the Association is public and transparent. The president, formers and executive board consists of medical specialists in neurology that work in the field of stroke. Association was logistically supported by Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE), and our members were actively participating in all SAFE annually meetings in last 6years ( Also we are supported by Macedonian Neurology Association and the president of same is member of  our executive board.

Projects involved as partner

1) Quality Health

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