Cluster of Bioenergy & Environment of Western Macedonia (CluBE)



The Cluster of Bioenergy and Environment of Western Macedonia (CluBE) is a non-profit legal entity established among local actors and stakeholders of the Region of Western Macedonia, Greece. CluBE emerged since early ’00’s from the continuous collaboration of regional players during previous projects. In February 2014, the cluster has been actually established as a legal form by 21 initial members from the Public sector, R&D and Entrepreneurship, covering the entire triple helix of the regional bioenergy and environment sector.
CluBE is developing R&D and business activities in the fields of bioenergy and environment, in order to reinforce smart, bio, green and circular economy in the region and the neighboring area, namely through:
- Energetic exploitation of biomass for household and industrial use and especially for district heating systems for small, medium or large cities
- Increasing the share of biofuels and biohydrogen in the energy mix of transportation fuels
- Co-firing with lignite in existing power stations and/or future heating plants
- Optimization of heating systems
- Improvement of energy efficiency for households, public and private buildings

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