Crisis Management Center


Republic of North Macedonia

The Crisis Management Center (CMC) is an independent state administrative body, having the status and function of a directorate, which legal competences include gathering of information, assessment, situation analysis, objectives and tasks determination, development and implementation of the necessary actions for prevention, early warning and handling crises.

In the execution of the crisis management tasks, CMC performs the activities that refer to providing continuity of the inter-departmental and international cooperation, consultations and coordination. In accordance with its legal competences in a national crisis situatuation CMC on behalf of the Government performs the coordination and cooperation with international community as a national point of contact 24/7.

Within the Crisis Management Center, the State Operation Center functions on a national level 24/7 through the Emergency Call Number 195.

In order to propose decisions and to provide continuous consultations, coordination, timely reaction, efficiency and adequate use of the available resources in case of a crisis situation, as well as to provide timely, qualitative and realistic jeopardy assessment of the security of the Republic from risks and dangers, a Steering Committee and Assessment Group were formed and a Crisis Management Center has been established in the Crisis Management System (CMS).
The Steering Committee is a governmental body for coordination and management of the Crisis Management System.
The Assessment Group is a governmental body that performs permanent assessment of the risks and dangers to the security of the Republic and proposes measures and activities for their prevention, early warning and handling a crisis situation.

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