Priority Axis

Development and Support of Local Economy

Specific Objective Create employment opportunities for educated graduates by exploiting comparative advantages of the cross-border area, preferably with the use of innovative tools and practices
Country Greece
First Name Dimitris
Last Name Kouras
Address Diamantopoulou 31
Contact Phone 6945394379
What type of beneficiaries are you looking for? business support centers, local development agencies, NGO in business support orientation, start-up supporting schemes, pre-incubators, exports support mechanisms
Project idea title Corporate Acceleration and Incubation for existing ventures providing access to talent and flow of ideas for increasing competitive advantages and creating economic growth and employment opportunities for young graduates with whom corporations will cooperate
Specific problem to be addressed In an age of innovation, existing business must be entrepreneurial. Established organizations, startups and young educated people can clearly help each other, but collaboration between them has not always been fruitful. The proejct tries to merge the lack of capacities in new and established ventures with the support of young well educated innovation assistants.
Main project activities planned - Set up an accelarator program for existing ventures and startup operations - coaching/mentoring/feedback sessions for innovation assistants and business ventures - Establishing of an export boosting mechanism for established ventures - Set up a fund raising mechanism for innovation companies in start-up phase - Setting up a Virtual pre-Incubator Centre for new companies who would like to examine their business idea, to develop their business plan and to get the basic lessons for the entrepreneurship
Expected outputs and results - Merge the young talents with the innovation needs of established ventures - Prepare new innovative companies to set up their business plans and improve capacities in entrepreneurship - Support SME\'s to expand their operation and to tackle with international markets - Build up capacities for young graduates and businesses in innovation sector
State your area of expertise/ interest JOIN4CS, is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation, aims to support the development of rural and urban entrepreneurship by facilitating collaborations and synergies among stakeholders from the public sector, the business sector, the research and academic community and the civil society at a national and an international level in the field of innovation in ICT, renewable energy, agro-food, education, civil society, environment and sustainable growth.
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