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Looking for associates to discuss starting a new project? Perhaps you already have a clear project idea but still need partners? Or you want to join an existing consortium? This is a good place to search for and establish contact with people who are interested in participating in a "Greece –The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia IPA Cross-Border 2007-2013" project.

A word of caution
The Project Idea Tool is an on-line service that is accessible for the "Greece –The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia IPA Cross-Border 2007-2013" community, which means that it can greatly facilitate the formation of consortia and the definition of project proposals. However, when using this medium for partner search, always be aware of the open nature of a website.

Please note that the project ideas displayed here have not been screened nor approved in any way by the Managing Authority.

Note: All information must be provided in English. Information provided in other languages will not be considered.

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