1. FAQs on Calls for Proposals 2007-2013

While a Call for Project Proposals is open, potential partners have the possibility to submit questions concerning the Call, to require clarification on documents to be included in the application pack and so forth. For  Calls issued so far, several clarification questions were submitted. These questions have been recorded and answered. Please find below the relevant links.

1st Call for Proposals (F1) 2007-2013

2nd Call for Proposals (F2) 2007-2013

3rd Call for Proposals (F3) 2007-2013


2. FAQs on Project Implementation

As a general rule each partner will follow the legal framework of its country. Each partner will publish tender calls either national and/or international that concern its project according to the Procurement Plan of the project that has been submitted to the JTS.

Questions and Answers on project implementation (for 2nd Call IPA partners)

For any question regarding project implementation please address your questions to the HELPDESK



2. FAQs on Calls for Proposals 2014-2020

1st Call for Proposals  (F1) 2014-2020

FAQs uploading time schedule

According to the Call, page  17-18, potential applicants may pose questions in writing (via e-mail or official letter) to the Joint Secretariat, no later than 7th of April 2016. Answers shall be published, in the form of FAQs, no later than 12th of April 2016. 

1st set of FAQs

2nd set of FAQs

3rd set of FAQs

4th set of FAQs

5th set of FAQs

6th set of FAQs

7th set of FAQs

8th set of FAQs

9th set of FAQs