4th Call for Proposals for Priority Axis 3

Submission period

24.09.2013 - 09.10.2013


Description of Measure

3.1 Technical Assistance


Final Beneficiary

Management Organisation Unit S.A. (MOU S.A.)


The total indicative budget for the present Call is 705.000,00 € (ERDF 528.750.00€).


Application Pack

  1. 4th Call

  2. Application Form

  3. Co-financing statement

  4.  Declaration of not Generating Revenues

  5.  Project Manual


Annexes to the Project Manual

    Annex 1. Project Selection Criteria Text

    Annex 2. Subsidy Contract 

    Annex 3. Progress Report

    Annex 4a. Guidance on Management Verifications

    Annex 4b. Ministerial Decision YPASYD

    Annex 4c. Ministerial Decision YPASYD amendment

    Annex 4d. Certificate of verified expenditure_GR

    Annex 4e. Table of Expenditure_GR

    Annex 4f. Employee's timesheet for the project

    Annex 4g. Employee's timesheet



Please find here the relative Table of results