Interactive workshop in Kilkis for the new Programme 2014-2020

Jun 27, 2014   Chamber of Kilkis, Address: 2, Stenimahou st., 10.00-14.00

The public consultation for the generation of the new IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is on.

All interested parties have been invited to provide their feedback in the relevant questionnaire ( 

In addition, a couple of interactive workshops will be organized to facilitate the input of the stakeholders to the new Programme. 

The second workshop will be held in Kilkis.


Your contribution to the development of the new IPA CBC Programme “Greece - The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2014-2020” is considered valuable.



1. Lessons Learnt

2. SWOT Analysis

3. Priorities

4. Methodology

5. Analysis of Questionnaires
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