Branding Scheme Promotion and Project Closure Event in Combine2Protect project

Dec 28, 2021   Hotel Sirius, Strumica & Online

The Centre for development of the South-East planning region invites you to the Branding Scheme Promotion of GREENIUM – Ecological Award Program within the project “Common plans for biodiversity conservation and sustainable targets for the development of a bilateral network of protected areas -COMBINE2PROTECT".

The main purpose of this event is to share and disseminate to the stakeholders the achieved project results as well as to introduce the concept of promotion of the Branding Scheme – GREENIUM that is Ecological Award Program developed within the project “COMBINE2PROTECT. On this event stakeholders (as: public or private companies, hotels, schools and universities, potential social enterprises, MSE’s and others that have their own products) will have the opportunity to be informed about the potentials and added value of ecological branding initiatives and its requirements: e.g. meeting the criteria and standards of the branding scheme for GREENIUM Ecological Award that
ensure a sustainable performance, global recognition in case sufficient levels of sustainability and will attract more tourists.

The objective of this action is to introduce the requirements and good practices to the potential holders in the region for implementation of GREENIUM Ecological Award as ecological branding scheme.

The Promotion event will be held on 28th of December, 2021 (Tuesday) from 12:00 o’clock in Hotel Sirius, Strumica, in accordance with the adopted protocol measures for protection from Covid-19.
Experts that will participate from the Greek side will attend the meeting online through the ZOOM platform.

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