Theatrical/educational event in In4Child project

Jul 18, 2019   Thessaloniki

We gladly invite you to our theatrical/educational programme called “Achillees’ Heel” which will be presented by the National Theatre of Northern Greece, here at the Youth Support Center of Arsis on the first floor of Ptolemeon 42 street, on Thursday 18/7/2019 at 17:00.
The programme is based on the novel “The road to heaven is long.” by Maroula Kliafa and its aim is to enhance the connection of children and adolescents with the theatre as a medium and also to help explore the experience of diversity, empathy, and finally the experience of acceptance, and peaceful coexistence with the “Other”.
All educational and recreational activities of the Youth Support Center are organized and realized as part of the “Psychosocial and Health interventions for the wellbeing of children from vulnerable populations” programme, acronym In4Child, which is funded by the INTERREG IPA Cross Border Cooperation Programme CCI 2014 TC 16 I5CB 009.
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