Seminar for the Communication managers of the projects

Jul 10, 2019   Edessa

The Joint Secretariat is organising a training seminar in English on July 10, 2019 in Edessa.

The seminar is targeted only to Communication managers of the 40 funded projects



Programme requirements
Social media_GDPR_Media relations_creative writing_Storytelling
Cross4all case study
In-house videos

"Communication has to come from the heart" - with these words Eleftheria Votsari, JS Communication officer, addressed all communication managers of  40 funded projects. She highlighted their important role in showing the true European value of cross-border cooperation in Interreg projects and analtically explained Programme visibility rules and reporting requirements. 

Mr. Arsim Fidani (Ministry of Local Self Government), motivated all  projects to directly inform the National Authority about their upcoming events and achievements. 

Despite the hot weather in Edessa, warm atmosphere and vivid discussion filled up the seminar venue at all times. After an extensive  & very interesting information session by the expert Mr. Dimitris Dimitriadis dedicated to web & social media, project storytelling, GDPR and media relations, the Cross4all case study presented by Mr. Alexandros Mourouzis turned out to be much appreciated.

Then, Mr. Adnan Emini, JS Antenna ofiicer, took the floor to showcase how to make in-house videos for free.

The story of the seminar proved that even a beginner to communication field equipped with enthusiasm and dedication to the project's mission is able to drive communication efficiently and attract attention.

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