2nd Call for Project Proposals (Targeted & Restricted)

Dec 10, 2019

Submission period

10.12.2019 - 10.03.2020
Priority Axes and Specific Objectives
Priority Axis 1: Development and Support of Local Economy

1.1.  Create  employment opportunities for educated graduates  by exploiting comparative advantages of the cross border area, preferably with the use of innovative tools and practices
1.3  Improve the attractiveness and promote tourism in the cross-border area to enhance employment in tourism

Priority Axis 2: Protection of Environment - Transportation

2.4  Prevention, mitigation and management of natural disasters, risks and hazards

The total (Union and national) indicative budget available for the  Call is 6.000.000,00 euro.
 Application Pack

1.    2nd Call for Proposals
2.    Application
3.    Partnership Declaration_Co-financing Statement
4.    Declaration of not generating revenues
5.    Declaration of non-distribution of profits
6.1. Legal Entity Form A
6.2  Legal Entity Form B
7.    Financial Identification Form
8.    Justification of Budget
9.    Programme Manual
10.  Project Implementation Manual
11.  Project evaluation procedure
12.  State Aid Factsheet
13.  State Aid Assessment
14.  Justification of Budget Guidebook
15.  Information & Publicity Guide

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Ministry of Local Self-Government (Republic of North Macedonia)
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Only potential applicants are invited to fill in and submit the project idea form. The displayed project ideas here have not been screened nor approved in any way by the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat. All information must be provided in English.

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Info Days

February 6, 2020 - Bitola
Important Announcements
1. Posted on Jan. 13, 2020

Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs)
[published periodically]
According to the Call, page  22, "...potential applicants may pose questions in writing (via e-mail or official letter) to the Joint Secretariat, no later than fifteen (15) days before the deadline for the submission of project proposals. The answers shall be published at the above websites. Answers shall be published no later than ten (10) days before the deadline for the submission of project proposals". 

Please note that received questions have been adapted, when deemed necessary, in order not to disclose the identity of the sender.

1st set of FAQs (Jan. 17, 2020)

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