Publication of Contract Award Notice in HealthNet project

Oct 02, 2020

The Municipality of Novo Selo has awarded four (4) Contracts under the tendering procedure “Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of Equipment (Mobile Medical Vehicle, Medical Equipment and IT Hardware) under the following lots:
1. Supply of Mobile Medical Vehicle (VAN) (Lot#1) 2. Supply of Medical Equipment (Lot#2) 3. Supply of IT Hardware (Lot#3) 4. Assembling of all parts into a total working system (van, medical equipment, IT Hardware to be used), connection to primary health organization, and commissioning, including test drives. (Lot#4) Publication Reference: CN1-SO1.2-SC024-PB3-TD03
The published Award Notice for Ref. No. CN1-SO1.2-SC024-PB3-TD03 can be found on the following link:
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